Summary of the benefits of the Edenark Group ISO 14001 program:

End Game – Value to You, the Business Owner/Manager

  • Doing the right thing for all current and future stakeholders
  • Joining the world’s premier environmental sustainability fraternity of organizations
  • Alignment with UN / SDGs / COP25 / Global Community
  • International recognition / Being part of the solution
  • Differentiation from competition, positively impacting sales
  • Introduction to millions of consumers, seeking certified sustainable businesses
  • Improved employee health, wellness, attitude and performance
  • Improved financial performance (lower costs / higher revenues)
  • Improved valuation / brand image / public image / market influence
  • Attract/retain staff

Summary of What Makes Us Unique

  • We took the world’s Gold Standard for sustainability certification – the ISO 14001:2015
  • Uniquely customized it for SMEs (small to mid-sized businesses), to dramatically lower the cost
  • Uniquely added promotion of the certification, to drive sales/revenues/image
  • Uniquely added employee performance/wellness to help staff be happier, healthier and more productive
  • Uniquely added design/3rd party valuation of carbon neutrality and ESG
  • No other program offers this combination of features

Summary of Financial Benefits of Sustainability Certification

  • Research (not performed or contracted by us) shows the following reported benefits –
    • SMEs certified/promoting our standard are growing 20x faster versus non-certified competitors
    • Overall, +67% investor ROI for certified sustainable companies versus non-certified competitors
    • Overall, enjoy +24.6% Net Income and +11% EBITDA versus non-certified competitors
    • Overall, 10 – 15% market sales performance increase versus non-certified competitors
    • Overall, +4.8% annual stock premium versus non-certified competitors
    • 99% reported net (inclusive of all improved costs) cost reductions
    • 95% reported improved employee wellness and interpersonal interaction
    • 90% reported reduced capital costs (average of 136 basis points on debt and 1.8% on equity)
    • 88% reported improved operational performance / cash flow
    • 81% reported positive impact on consumer decisions, impacting sales/revenues
    • 75% reported improved competitive advantage
    • 75% reported attracting new customers
    • 75% reported improved financial performance
    • 65% reported improved company image
    • 60% reported improved employee engagement
    • 60% reported improved management commitment
    • 55% reported new market penetration