Edenark Group is an Entrex Carbon Market Member

What this means for you – 

Carbon offsetting is an important part of an organization’s climate action goals, whether that’s to offset 10% or 100% of its carbon footprint.  

The historical problem with non-securitized carbon offset programs is your inability to be sure of the legitimacy and accuracy of the program or the use of your funds.  

Edenark Group serves as your one-stop shop, for whatever quantity is needed.  First, we help you calculate your carbon footprint.  Then, we allow you to purchase whatever quantity you wish; and provide you, via our assignment and retirement program, the comfort of knowing your purchased and retired offsets are legitimate SEC-regulated, UN and Worldbank registered and securitized.  This eliminates the risks that illicit and/or non-securitized offsets present in the market today.

Further, due to our status, our pricing for securitized offsets is typically lower than most non-securitized offsets.  Our goal is to provide you every reason NOT to purchase non-securitized offsets.

Also, you can purchase offsets independent of the Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification program.  However, pursuit of carbon neutrality can be a major step in becoming a certified sustainable business.  Combining the two is operationally and financially prudent.

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