Wayne Canner, Executive Publisher of Palm Beach North Sports, was very kind to publish this Edenark Group article on page 27 of the February 2021 edition of Abacoa & Alton Neighbors –

Competitive differentiation (standing out from your peers) is the biggest issue all companies face.

SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises – under 500 employees or $1B) are more sales-centric than their bigger brothers (+$1B / +500 employees), who have large advertising and marketing budgets that can create brand imagery.

But, SMEs have a problem.  The internet, made worse by Covid-19, is allowing consumers to investigate your business before you have the chance to press-the-flesh.

They are deciding yes/no based on their online review of whether you meet their needs.

87% of all consumers want your company to be certified sustainable.  This is a top competitive differentiation variable and is allowing some SMEs to dramatically stand out and grow faster than their peers.