Per this article, titled “IBM Study:  Sustainability Ranks Among Highest Priorities on CEO Agendas, Yet Lack of Data Insights Hinders Progress,” the following points were made:


  • Sustainability is increasing in importance – CEOs say sustainability is climbing higher on their agendas and believe it can help drive business performance. This has increased 37% from 2021 to 2022.
  • Sustainability is profitable – Over 80% of CEOs believe their sustainability investment will produce improved business results.
  • Pressure is mounting to do more – Board members, investors, ecosystem partners, regulators and governments are pushing for more, but the CEOs are struggling with how their teams are developing and delivering the data in a usable form.
  • Most have started; but few have fully developed programs – 95% have at least started a sustainability program but only 23% have sustainability strategies across the entire organization.