How are you creating separation between you and your competitors?
How are you showing your customer that you are better than the other guy?
Have you ever thought of using Green to make Gr$$n?

Did you know that (per Nielsen) 52% of B2C/B2B prospects check a company’s environmental
standing before purchase?

Do you think that’s a fad or is it the future?

Green products, like LEDs, energy controls, solar or an energy efficient roof, are good financial decisions as the resulting reduction in energy cost has a positive impact on the expense side of your P&L.

  • But, what if you could also impact the income side of your P&L?
  • By becoming a certified sustainable business, and promoting same, good things happen on both sides of your P&L….and also with your operations and employees.
  • Any business looking to improve its competitive position and increase revenues, while also lowering costs, should consider the Edenark ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification

  • The Edenark ISO 14001 program is unique in the world and is published by the United Nations
  • The Edenark  ISO 14001 program was built and priced exclusively for small/mid-sized businesses (SMEs)
  • While all other Green programs focus on cost reduction; the Edenark ISO 14001 program is unique in that it also brings revenue enhancement, via the promotional benefit of the certification
  • While other Green programs are ‘building-centric’, and therefore hard to monetize; the Edenark ISO 14001 is ‘business centric’, allowing us to promote, and monetize, your business (not just your building) as being certified as sustainable
  • The 14001 has been the world’s gold standard for sustainability certification for over 20 years with over 350,000 companies in 150 countries using the standard
  • Research shows the following reported benefits
    • Overall, 10 – 15% market sales performance increase versus non-certified competitors
    • Overall, +4.8% annual stock premium versus non-certified competitors
    • Overall, enjoy +24.6% Net Income and +11% EBITDA versus non-certified competitors
    • 99% reported net (inclusive of all improved costs) cost reductions
    • 95% reported improved employee wellness and interpersonal interaction
    • 90% reported reduced capital costs (average of 136 basis points on debt and 1.8% on equity)
    • 88% reported improved operational performance / cash flow
    • 81% reported positive impact on consumer decisions, impacting sales/revenues
    • 75% reported improved competitive advantage
    • 75% reported attracting new customers
    • 75% reported improved financial performance
    • 65% reported improved company image
    • 60% reported improved employee engagement
    • 60% reported improved management commitment
    • 55% reported new market penetration

Let us help you reduce costs, improve revenues, enhance employee wellness and performance, and differentiate from your competition!  You will cover your costs with the energy savings and gain a powerful promotional tool.

Generate new revenue, reduce operating costs, enhance employee productivity and improve your brand image.

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