We are excited to have Rajvi Shah and Kylee Opperman join Edenark Group as interns!

Rajvi is a University of Miami student and Kylee is a University of Florida student!

They are bright, enthusiastic, committed to corporate sustainability, and a pleasure to interact with.  Also, we are pretty sure the average IQ of Edenark Group has gone up significantly, since their arrival!

The below links show who they are.

Remember when you were starting out and looking for experience?  If so, please help us make this internship memorable for Rajvi and Kylee.  Go to the Edenark Group website, hit the ‘START A CONVERSATION’ button, give your contact info, and ask to speak with Rajvi or Kylee or both!

They will be thrilled, you will enjoy the interaction, and good things will come of it for your business.