This article is reporting the same accelerated demand from consumers for legitimate corporate sustainability action as we are seeing:

  • Consumer demand for corporations to be legitimately (ie, certified) sustainable has accelerated dramatically since the pandemic;
  • Shoppers are using sustainability as THE gating item for their purchase decisions;
  • Just talking about being sustainable, or saying your company ‘aspires’ to be sustainable, is no longer good enough and damages your brand and consumer trust;
  • Saying “yes we are sustainable” or “we will be a leader in sustainability by 2030” means nothing to the consumer and will lead to the consumer leaving the brand;
  • Playing it safe is playing to lose.  You need to play to win and use sustainability as a competitive differentiation tool;
  • Only when consumers perceive you as authentic via your sustainability actions will they align with your brand;
  • Brands that have legitimate sustainability programs can differentiate from other brands and take market share.

The Edenark Group ISO 14001 is the world’s premier sustainability certification / ESG-compliance program for small to mid-sized organizations (SMEs).  Our entire model is based on cost-effectively helping SMEs use the world’s top sustainability certification to differentiate from competition and take market share.