On a recent project, the Edenark Group price for a white, energy efficient, roof, was 54% of the other bidders, who bid black roofs, with inferior design and warranty.

By selecting the Edenark Group proposal, the client received a far superior roof design, at roughly half the cost of inferior options; and also gains the annual energy savings from the white finish.


This client also became certified sustainable under the Edenark Group ISO 14001 program.  Certified sustainable businesses are growing 20x faster than their competitive peers….as consumers want to purchase from certified sustainable businesses.

So, this client saved tens of thousands on the roof install, thousands on the roof energy savings; and, besides doing the right thing for the environment, can differentiate itself from its peers by being certified sustainable, which drives revenues, as 87% of all consumers want their vendors to be certified sustainable.

They are a smart organization that makes proactive and creative decisions/recommendations for themselves and their clients.

They realized that if you become certified via the right program, besides doing the right thing, you can save money today, save money tomorrow, and make more money for a long time.

Are they smart because they became certified sustainable or are they certified sustainable because they are smart?