Early in 2020, a Stern/NYU study showed brands that consumers believed to be sustainable were growing 5.6x faster than their non-certified competitive peers.


That was pre-virus.


In late 2021, Stern/NYU updated the study, including the impact of the virus on consumer decisions.


Sustainable brands had widened the gap.  They are now growing 7.1x faster than their non-certified sustainable peers.


Per Forbes, 88% of consumers want you, the companies that supply their products/services, to help them make a difference by being sustainable, but only 28% of them believe you are doing so.


For the companies that have responded to this consumer request, and become sustainable, the market has responded in kind by supporting these companies.  This shift in consumer (both B2B and B2C) purchasing and loyalty has helped these sustainable companies to take market share and grow 7.1x faster than their peers who have not become sustainable.