Per this article in Entrepreneur Magazine

  • Customers support brands that prove they have sustainability and environmental beliefs.
  • Investment groups are supporting sustainable companies.
  • Employees want to be happy, engaged and productive and purpose-driven companies help them achieve these goals.

They go on to say, you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for profitability or visa-versa.  You can have both at the same time. 

Here are three suggestions they make; and we agree with all three:

  • Talk more about your sustainability initiatives in your market effort – With the caveat that you are certified sustainable and not greenwashing, we completely agree with this. As we have reported, consumers want to move their business to certified sustainable companies.  When you talk about your sustainability programs, good things happen internally and externally.  Given that we are ranked as the world’s top sustainable voice/influencer, and we help our clients promote their sustainability certification, the actual marketing value we bring to clients, beyond the certification value, is 3x (within the first few months) – 9x (over the life of the ads) the cost of the certification.  In other words, the ROI for our clients, just in marketing, is 3x – 9x the cost of the entire certification. 
  • Make clear that you are not sacrificing sustainability for profit or profit for sustainability – Again, we agree. Speak to the fact that you intend to be certified sustainable and make more money.  In point of fact, certified sustainable companies make more money than their non-certified peers, so be assertive that you can walk and chew gum at the same time by being able to make more money while also helping the environment and your community.
  • Hire experts that can guide/advise/assist with the effort and align with your goals – Again, we agree. You don’t have to be a sustainability expert.  Bring in advisors who not only understand sustainability, but also understand how to marry sustainability and profitability.  

If you are thinking about how to do the above and what to do next, we recommend reading this PPP.  If you follow the 8 elements of a good sustainability program you will be happy.