Are you working to pay for your capital improvement project

Would you like your project to pay for itself?

PACE Advisor has completed over 1,000 capital improvement projects. It is a stand-alone organization, but is also the finance and project management arm of Edenark Group for clients that wish to streamline costs and communication. Further, due to its connection with Edenark Group, PACE Advisor approaches capital improvement work differently than most project managers.

We can take you from “How are we going to pay for this?” to “We are making money on this!”

The Mission of PACE Advisor is to ensure that the planned capital improvements are executed with your ROI as the key guiding element.

When considering a capital improvement project, it’s beneficial to partner with a group that is not just technical experts, but also financial and project construction experts, to see the project all the way through. The team at PACE Advisor has decades of experience in construction, project design and finance, to compliment Edenark Group’s efforts.

At PACE Advisor, we design, finance and execute your project to:

  • protect your cash
  • maximize financial return to you
  • incorporate green/sustainable concepts

We take an integrated approach, often recommending items that will improve your financial return…without negatively impacting your cash. The end result is often a cash flow positive or neutral financial event. In other words, your improvement pays for itself.

At PACE Advisor, the driver of the project is your ROI. Requiring the integration of energy saving products and financing tools within the design scope results in a solution that blends your operational, aesthetic, and financial needs as a combined goal.

To maximize your financial returns, contact us.

Learn how PACE Advisor can make your capital expenditure projects pay for themselves.

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