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How does the business community satisfy the climate change movement?

The world climate strike movement is showing businesses and organizations that our younger generations are demanding action from our business and organizational leaders. Our job, at Edenark Group, is to help those business and organizational leaders, satisfy that demand in a way that also benefits the business / organization.  

October 25th, 2019|

Cost to Correct Global Warming

Per the below report by Morgan Stanley, it will cost $50 Trillion to stop global warming by 2050. Is that a big number? Well, the current estimate of World GDP is roughly $80 Trillion/year.  This is expected to double, to $160 Trillion by 2050. Therefore, over the 30 years, the $50 Trillion to stop global warming equates to roughly 0.014 of world GDP. By itself, $50 Trillion is a very big number.  But, spread over 30 years, and all the world economies, it is a very small and achievable number.

October 25th, 2019|

Is Sustainability Dead?

Darren MacLean, the famed chef featured on Netflix’s The Final Table, and owner of Shokunin, listed as one of Canada’s top restaurants, has proposed in this excellent article -  - that sustainability is dead. In follow up conversations with me, Darren has further elaborated on his view that we need to step beyond sustainability, to recovery. At issue is how far does sustainability go? A foundational cornerstone of sustainability is that the current generation does not deplete resources to the point where future generations cannot provide for themselves. But, as Darren has explained, in most cases, even when [...]

October 6th, 2019|
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