A Better World Starts With Me™A Better World Starts With Me™ is the world’s premier employee performance enhancement program.

The average organization loses $7,000 – $12,000 per employee, per year, due to employee insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical pain and mental acuity. According to the governments around the world, the impact is roughly 5% of GDP.

A Better World Starts With Me™ can help reduce these losses.

As an example, you are losing, on average, $3,186/employee, due to insomnia. Employees that sleep less than 6 hours per night are 2.5% less productive. If we do nothing else, but improve the sleep of your Under-6-Hour employees, to 6-7 hours, you gain +$2,171/employee/year in operational GDP.

So, what does employee health and productivity have to do with Sustainability Certification?

Sustainability is about all of us, and how we interact in the environment we live and work. If Edenark Group, or any other advisor, helps your organization Green Up, but does not present you with the opportunity to also help your people become healthier, happier and more productive, it is not delivering the maximum value a sustainability program can provide.

Therefore, although not required for certification, we make available to you, our A Better World Starts With Me™ employee performance enhancement program. It uses tools and technology that have been successfully helping thousands of people become more productive, happier and healthier, over many years.

A Better World Starts With Me™, built in partnership with Gym For the Brain and Center For Brain, uses a quantitative process where success can be verified via pre-established organizational goals. Once you and our team decide what we want to achieve (ie, lower sick days and therefore lower insurance costs), we will measure the results of the program to verify success.

A Better World Starts With Me™ uses a unique mix of supplements and proven technologies that improve employee performance, health, mental acuity and happiness; positively impacting your overall organizational performance and profit.

Employee benefits include:

  • Improved focus
  • Improved mental speed and processing
  • Better manage information OVERLOAD
  • Improved sleep, thus improving productivity
  • Reduced impact of mental fatigue/stress/anxiety on your physical health
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Improved overall mood
  • Improved resilience
  • Achieve calm under fire

Sustainability is about more than an organization’s energy usage.  It is how the organization takes care of its people and how its people perform in the environment they work and live.

Learn how Edenark Group can help improve your employee performance, health and happiness.

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