Is your wealth manager walking the talk by being an environmentally certified sustainable company, when recommending ESG funds for you?

Do they understand the principles they are talking about?

And are their recommended ESG funds truly following environmental, social, governance principles?

According to this article in, 64% of the funds studied were Greenwashing.

“Investors need asset managers to establish the philosophy underlying a fund and align the prospectus language and fund name with the intent and the holdings,” said Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, the non-profit that conducted the study. “The problem is that there is currently no truth in labeling.”

This goes for the fund and the wealth manager selling the fund.

If a wealth manager wishes to align with the principles of ESG, they should start by becoming environmentally certified sustainable via a globally accepted program. By doing do, they can look their client in the eye and say, “We walk the talk.”  This 8 point guide provides recommendations on what to look for in a globally accepted sustainability program.