This article in the New York Post reports on this study and is consistent with other studies we have reported.  Key points

  • Almost two-thirds of respondents stated they were more likely to apply to a job for a company that committed to sustainable practices.
  • Three out of five respondents said they avoid employers they perceive as having a negative impact on the environment.
  • 54% of respondents said that sustainability played a role in their motivation to work remotely.

Simple math – If you are looking to hire and 60% of the possible candidates will avoid you if they perceive your company is a negative impact on the environment, your hiring effort will be negatively impacted.

Sure, you can mask it.  But once they learn the truth, and they quit, the cost to you will be greater than had they not taken the position in the first place.

The Under 40 worker wants to work for a company that can prove it cares about the environment.  The Under 26 worker has an even higher expectation of same.

Those are the workers that are the future of your company.