Per this article, 2023 will be the hottest year on record. 

Per the opening chart, September 2023 was not only the hottest September on record, but it was also the largest marginal difference between any prior year’s months, on record. 

June was the hottest June; July was not just the hottest July, but the hottest month on record; and August was not just the hottest August, but second only to July in terms of all time ranking.    

Per the video imbedded in the attached, scientists were expecting this year would be hot, but not THIS hot.

We are not just getting hotter, but, pardon the pun, Momma Earth is picking up steam.  You will never, in your lifetime, experience a summer like you had as a kid.  The temperature will continue to go up for a length of time that exceeds many generations into the future.

Our decision, as individuals and as leaders of companies, is to decide if we want to help moderate this rise, and take the pressure off, or if we want to tell Momma Earth, “Let her rip!”

Consumers want your company to be part of the solution.  If you would like to consider it, watch this master class and contact us.