You know environment / climate is the #1 thing on the minds of consumers.

You know your environmental commitment is more important to consumers than your brand name.

You know 7 out of 10 consumers will leave their existing brand in favor of a brand that is sustainable.

You know sustainable businesses save money and perform better.

But you do not have the budget to hire a full-time environmental person or staff.

Further, even if you hired a person into this role, you would not know how to manage their duties.

Also, when hiring a person, how do you get all the skills and training you need? Very few people in the
environmental space have the breadth of training, licensing and experience to serve your needs on
sustainability, carbon neutrality, net zero, ESG, wellness, employee performance, et cetera.

Finally, would this person be able to help you on the marketing, brand-building and revenue side of your
P&L, turning your environmental chair into a positive ROl part of your operation? Odds are, they would
not have these skills.

This is the work Edenark Group does. We can be your fractional environmental / sustainability / eco /
climate / green / wellness /employee performance / brand-building department.

We are much less expensive than hiring a person and our services are much broader and more profit-

Contact us and we can discuss what you need and how we can cost-effectively help.