Given that Gen X and Gen Z account for 64% of the world’s population, these two demographic groups are the future of your company.

A key point to take from this article is that 75% of Gen X and Z consumers say sustainability is more important than your brand name.

  • Think about your current marketing and advertising efforts, given the above statement. If 75% of the two largest global demographic groups, accounting for the majority of the world’s population, care more about your sustainability status than your brand name, what are you spending your advertising budget saying, in your attempt to differentiate and stand out?  Are you using a cute jingle or phrase to promote your brand name; or are you talking about being a sustainable company?

A second key point is that upwards of 40% of brands, trying to win those consumers, are misrepresenting their sustainability status.

  • Therefore, if you decide to use sustainability as a talking point, do it right – become certified sustainable via a globally-recognized and respected program, as these consumers will do their research and the governments of the world are stepping up compliance.

A third key point is that a sustainable supply chain is critical.

  • These consumers, and the government compliance agencies, are expecting your vendors to be sustainable; and presenting you with the opportunity, as a vendor, to differentiate and take market share by being certified sustainable.