Per a 2022 Deloitte study of 2,000+ business leaders

  • 97% have already felt negative impact of climate change
  • 96% expect climate change to impact strategy over next 3 years
  • 89% agree there is a climate emergency
  • 81% have personally been impacted by climate events over the past year
  • 79% believe the world is at a climate tipping point (up from 59% in 2021)
  • 75% feel pressure by consumers/clients to act on climate change
  • 66% feel pressured to act driven by competitors/peers
  • 65% feel pressure to act by employees


  • However, 88% believe we can limit the worst impacts if we act immediately


In his opening letter to the study, Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO, ends with, “It’s time to prove we’re up to the challenge.”


If your company wishes to join the thousands of other companies that have taken up the challenge, please contact us.