Consistent with our prior discussions on this point, this Forbes article explains that society has changed dramatically in the past 20 years

  • “…the new reality in which corporations must operate (includes) a laundry list of sustainability-related vulnerabilities they have to account for.”
  • Specific to hiring, it is expected there will soon be 85 million unfilled jobs due to the lack of skilled people.

Your ability to hire and retain talent at a price you can afford will directly influence your ability to remain in business.

Consider this:

  • Your future work force is Millennials and Gen Z – The people in this picture.  They have different needs and expectations than prior generations
  • More than 40% of Millennials and Gen Z plan to change jobs due to climate concerns – Net, if you are not able to prove you are sustainable and have a legitimate and actionable sustainability / climate program, expect to struggle with hiring and retention
  • +76% of Millennials consider environmental / sustainability / ESG commitments when deciding where to work – Net, if you are not able to prove you are sustainable and have a legitimate environmental program, your ability to attract and retain quality talent will be solely driven by your willingness to over-pay. And, even then, expect them to leave when they find a certified sustainable company

If you want to beat your peers at hiring and retaining top talent, read this on what you want in a sustainability program, watch this master class, and contact us.