Edenark Group, which offers an environmental sustainability certification program (the Edenark Group ISO 14001) internationally known for credible quality improvements, and Before3020, Inc., a global Public Benefit Corporation, a firm comprising of doctoral-prepared changemakers who engage with clients to create sustained financial and social outcomes for them by aligning their strategies and operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have formed a commercial partnership.

The two firms recognize the synergy between their respective services and will promote the other’s services to their respective clients.

Before3020, Inc. works with clients to implement the SDGs into their strategies and incorporate the SDGs into every facet of their operations to deliver sustained social and financial outcomes for these clients, such as better talent recruitment and retention, a more equitable workforce, more resilient supply chains, greater fundraising success with impact and ESG-driven investors, to name a few of our B2B2C services.

“As we engage with our clients to implement the SDGs into their strategies and operations, the Edenark Group’s world-leading ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification Program is a powerful designation and credible global differentiator that our clients, located across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, will benefit from, and therefore we welcome the commercial partnership with Edenark Group to broaden our services to our clients,” said Dr. Brooke Newman, CEO of Before3020, Inc.

“The Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification is a natural progression for an organization that seeks a higher ROI via brand and revenue-side gains added to the financial and social benefits achieved from Before3020, Inc.’s engagements”, said David Goodman, CEO of Edenark Group.  “Further, from our side, having a partner that can help our clients create sustained outcomes by implementing the SDGs into their strategy and operations is a critical component to our overall sustainability mandate,” added Goodman.

About Edenark Group

The Edenark Group ISO 14001 is the world’s premier environmental sustainability certification program and allows SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises) a program designed and priced specifically for them.  Edenark Group also helps clients pursue carbon neutrality and ESG compliance, using the Edenark Group ISO 14001 as a foundation for long-term compliance. Edenark Group can be reached at +1 561 512 2257

About Before3020, Inc.

Before3020, Inc. is a primarily women-owned and operated Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, comprising 12 doctoral-prepared change agents and a diverse advisory board for global sustainable development based in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company supports its clients with a full life-cycle (strategy to execution) offering to create sustained financial and social outcomes for them by implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals into every facet of their operations and evaluating the outcomes against relevant benchmarks, including Statistical Package for the Social Sciences reports. Before3020, Inc. can be reached at [email protected]