Here are the key findings from this Forbes 2023 survey on the state of sustainability:


43% of all companies consider sustainability a Top 3 priority (up from 26% in 2020)


The top 3 initiatives for these companies over the next 12 months will be

             Getting their supply chain (ie, you) sustainable

             Lowering greenhouse gas emissions (remember, you are part of their Scope 3)

             Reducing plastic waste


Companies with sustainability officers are more likely to achieve emission reduction goals

            For you, as a vendor, if they have a sustainability officer, expect a call on the above issues


Technology they believe will have a big impact on the future of sustainability

           Carbon offsets ranks #2.  Why that is important to you – you are a Scope 3 vendor


Biggest challenge

           Confusion on regulations and requirements

           Many of the standards they are working with are vague and hard to work with


Most sectors believe their efforts are helping the environment