If you are a supply chain vendor and looking to grow market share, how are you differentiating your services?  Are you waiting for a competitor to screw up or are you dropping your price?

Ever wondered if there was a better way?

This article, titled ‘In the race against time to cut emissions, companies’ supply chains are key’, asks how companies around the world, who are committing to net-zero emission targets, will achieve them.

Given that

  • The SEC is now including Scope 3 emissions in its new proposed reporting structure; and
  • 80 – 90% of emissions are in the supply chain…

….your prospects are going to be searching for supply chain vendors that are certified sustainable and have a carbon neutral performance plan because a) they need it for their own commitment; and/or b) they need it because the SEC requires it.

Either way, as a supply chain vendor, if you want to be noticed and take market share, the #1 thing you can do is wave a flag saying, “We are certified sustainable and have a carbon emissions report; and can help you meet your requirements”.

As an example of supply chain vendors who have taken this to heart, here are three small vendors in a supply chain; all certified sustainable and successfully promoting their certification to their prospects and clients:

TruPayroll (a SME payroll company, using Wholesale Payroll as a vendor and serving thousands of small businesses) was the first of the three small companies in this supply chain to become certified sustainable and is championing the benefit to its clients…

DataSetGo (which is small software company that sells through Wholesale Payroll to, among others, TruPayroll), saw the benefits achieved by TruPayroll, and became certified sustainable…

Wholesale Payroll (which is a SME SaaS, sitting between DataSetGo and TruPayroll) saw the benefit to both DataSetGo and TruPayroll and joined them by becoming certified sustainable.

All three are now co-promoting being a certified sustainable supply-chain service group and are benefitting from the market support of same.