Per this article, Canadian apparel manufacturer Lululemon has been named in a legal complaint, calling for regulators to launch a greenwashing investigation.

Per the complaint, Lululemon has been exaggerating its environmentally-friendly actions.

Why would they do this?  Because they see the data – 7 out of 10 consumers will leave their existing vendor in favor of a vendor they believe is sustainable.

According to the complaint, Lululemon wanted to win those consumers….but didn’t want to actually do the things it was claiming.

In the few days since the complaint, the company has already lost 5% of its value and the slide continues.

This is not where you want your brand to be.

Either a) make no environmental / eco / sustainability / Green claims; or b) become certified sustainable via a globally-recognized program with 3rd party validation, and have them help you make claims that are consistent with your certification achievements. 

Environmentally certified sustainable companies are growing up to 20x faster than their non-certified peers.

Here is what you want in a certification program.

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