90% of consumers want your company to be environmentally sustainable.

70% of consumers will move their purchases/loyalty when they find an environmentally sustainable company.

66% of potential employees do not want to work for companies that are not environmentally sustainable.

These are compelling reasons for a company to put a sign up, saying “We’re sustainable!”

Be careful with that.  +70% of consumers disbelieve a company’s sustainability claims if not supported by a valid certification.  If you have a valid, globally-respected certification, +70% believe your claims.

Further, per this article, the SEC has started enforcement against companies that make false claims.

Play it straight.  Become environmentally certified sustainable via a globally-recognized and respected program.  Besides doing the right thing for the environment, companies certified via a globally-respected program are growing 75% – 20x faster than their non-certified competitive peers.

Becoming environmentally certified sustainable is what your customers and prospective employees want from you, and by becoming so, you will differentiate and make more money.