This global research study was just published (October 2023) and provides the following data:


81% of people around the world rate climate change as the #1 global issue, ahead of inflation, war, economy, or disease/pandemic.

  • Think about that point next time you  spend money on advertising, trying to get the attention of your prospective clients.


People rate private sector companies last (behind charities, schools, transnational bodies like the UN, households and even governments) on fighting climate change.

  • Think about that point next time you want to differentiate from your peers.


Approximately half the people said they would take a pay cut to work for company that has a net-zero commitment.

  • Think about that point next time you are struggling to hire and retain staff within your budget.


If you see the opportunity the above presents and would like to be proactive about both your company and the environment, watch this master class and contact us.