You are a certified sustainable organization and many of you have developed your ESG program.

As part of your mandate, it is your responsibility to demand your vendors also become certified sustainable, right?

But what happens? Either via your own procurement department or directly from the vendor, you hear – “We would LOVE to, but we are an SME (small to mid-sized enterprise with under 500 employees) and there are NO certification programs designed/priced for us. All the good programs are built for big companies and are too expensive and/or time-consuming for us.”

What do you do? Even though you know this is what your consumers want, and you have mandated, you shrug and accept it…..because you think it is correct.

Sustainability Magazine asked our CEO, David Goodman, to write this article explaining that you don’t need to blink.  You can satisfy your clients and your mandate.  There are global, audited, environmental sustainability programs designed and priced specifically for the needs of SMEs.

This article also explains what your SME vendors should look for in a program that will meet their needs; allowing you to meet your needs.