It is Mental Health Awareness Month and that should cause us to not only think about the mental health of individuals, but also of the combined mental health of organizations.

This article is titled ‘Sustainability and Employee Wellness:  The Hidden Connection’ and talks about the (often unnoticed) benefits an organization gains on employee wellness by pursuing a sustainability program.

The benefits might be hidden to some but the connection between sustainability and wellness is not hidden to Edenark Group.  Our entire business is based on the premise that if you feel better you will want to do more for others…..and if you do more for others, you feel better.  All of this leads to improved financial performance for the organization.

Sustainability and Wellness are two sides of the same coin for us.

We built the Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification program to INCLUDE a people-piece that addresses employee performance, health and happiness.  Via this webinar, the first thing we tell people, who are thinking about a sustainability program, is to make sure the program they select includes a people-piece.

Stating it more directly, a sustainability program is not complete if it does not have a people piece that addresses the most important part of an organization – the people.

As for us, we have a high-altitude oxygen gym – Gym For The Brain – a wellness website – A Better World Starts With Me – that is designed to address the Big 5 (insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical pain and mental acuity) and a neurofeedback center – Center For Brain Training.

Our program helps employees feel better; while helping the organization get in front of things like workplace violence, achieve higher productivity, benefit the planet, and make more money.

Nothing hidden in our program.