How much do you spend on all your advertising and marketing?

How are you differentiating your business from your peers in those ads, your website and your marketing brochures?

Are your points of difference what consumers are looking for?

Are you getting your money’s worth out of those ads by connecting with your audience?

Are you enjoying a positive ROi from your advertising, like this organization?


Per this article, titled “The growing role of sustainability in small business marketing”, the following points are made:


  • 81% of respondents across all generations, genders and backgrounds, want you to show them you are helping improve the environment


                Is your advertising speaking to this 81% or to the other 19%?


  • 81% expect to buy more from environmentally friendly organizations over the next five years


Are you targeting this 81% or to the other 19%?


  • 66% of prospective employees will not consider working for a company that does not have strong social values


               Are you looking for employees from the full pool of talent or just the 34% that does not care?


  • 83% of employees will be more loyal to a company making positive environmental/social impact


               After you spend the money to hire/train, are you looking to keep all of them, or just the 17%?


Besides providing a talking point that will make your advertising more effective, the article goes on to explain that companies with a strong environmental, social and governance program are enjoying

  • Top line growth (Unilever says their sustainability studies show a +20% gain)
  • Cost reduction (McKinsey says it will impact your operating profits up to 60%)
  • Reduced regulatory and legal intervention (impacting 25 – 60% of your profits)
  • Employee productivity (translating to higher organizational performance)
  • Investment and asset optimization (more efficient and effective use of the money you reinvest)

              Is your company enjoying these benefits…while also doing the right thing for the environment?


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