Per a study of +18,000 investment products discussed in this article, only 4% of funds with the word ‘sustainability’, or some version of it in the name, actually comply with all current and planned requirements of the US, UK and EU.

Point is, we have two problems.  First, different governments have different rules.  Second, as governments raise the bar against Greenwashing, funds that have invested in companies with home-grown, non-certified, non-verified, sustainability programs, struggle to meet the requirements of regulations that align with established, recognized, respected sustainability standards.

These funds will need to either remove their sustainability claims, remove their investment in companies that cannot verify sustainability claims (which will make for a very small fund), or convince their portfolio companies to become certified sustainable under a globally-respected program that is acceptable across all borders.  

Edenark Group provides a solution.  Our standard, the most respected and deployed in the world, is used in 171 of the world’s 195 countries.