What does it say about a program that has a 100% client renewal rate?

– In our business, every year, every client needs to renew

– Every year, they have a go/no decision to make…and every year, 100% of them renew.  Example.


What does it say about a program that delivers the top tool to help your company differentiate?

– The #1 thing all companies need is to differentiate (to convince the consumer to buy from you versus the other guy)

– The #1 thing consumers are looking for, when deciding between brands, is if one is legitimately (ie, certified) sustainable

– If we marry those two points, what do we get?  7 out of 10 consumers will move their business to a certified sustainable company

– And, what does that mean for certified sustainable companies?  7x – 20x growth versus their non-certified competitive peers

– Here is one of many articles showing global studies


What does it say about a program that, once it gives you the top tool,  helps you promote it, to grow your business?

– An average cost per click across social media for your advertising is $3.00/click

– We are rated as the top voice/influencer for sustainability on social media (ie, when we post, a lot of people see it)

– As part of our service to our clients, we provide an average of 3x the cost of the client’s certification cost in free advertising

– Here is an example.

– Net, in just advertising alone, our clients receive a postive ROI on the cost of their certification

– This does not include the cost-reduction benefits to your operation or the brand/revenue-side benefits that the advertising delivers to your sales effort


What does it say about a program that helps you with the elephant in the room – employees?

– It takes a lot of LEDs to make up for one workplace violence event

– Your employees are probably your biggest cost, your biggest time commitment, your biggest opportunity and your biggest risk

– The cost to you, every year, from the Big 5 (insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical pain and mental acuity) is roughly $10,000/yr/employee

– We help your employees become happier, healthier and more productive – A Better World Starts With Me – which helps you


What does it say about a program that provides you a roadmap for selecting the right sustainability program for your company?

– If you follow this PPP you will be happy.


It says the program is the best game in town for you to do the right thing for future generations, make your employees happy, lower your costs, and also differentiate and grow your business.

If you care about the environment and want to differentiate from your peers with the top thing consumers are looking for, contact us.