For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is a few months away.  If you have a teenager, how will they spend the summer?  Will they get a job?  Will the job be career-benefitting? 

If you are struggling to find something that your teenager can get excited about, here are some questions for you


  • Do you care about the environment?
  • Are you looking for a new talking point that will differentiate your company from its competition?
  • Did you know that besides helping the environment, certified sustainable companies make more money than their non-certified peers?


  • Will your child get a career-enhancing job this summer?
  • If not, does your child care about the environment?
  • Would your child enjoy championing an environmental cause?


  • Did you know Edenark Group has an internship program that helps young people enhance their resumes while doing something they can get excited about (and receive commission pay for)?
  • Did you know the Edenark Group internship would allow your child to be the point person for your company (and others) to become certified sustainable?
  • Did you know sustainability is a huge job-growth area?


If any of this sounds interesting, contact us.