As Lindsay Hooper explains in this Reuters article, “In an era of disruptions, polarization, complexity and increasingly intricate environmental debates, the core business case for sustainability remains: business cannot thrive on a dead planet.”

As Lindsay further states, “The challenge is not one of lack of awareness. Most business leaders are aware of the need to act; their staff demand action, boards face new liabilities and regulations demand new disclosures. The challenge is one of speed….”

So, let’s ask this question – What are you spending time on today in your business, that can beat having spent that time on pursuing becoming environmentally certified sustainable?

Here is the case for becoming certified sustainable?

  • It is the right thing to do. We could stop here.
  • Certified sustainable companies are growing up to 20x faster than non-certified peers;
  • 7 out of 10 consumers will move their loyalty to a business that is certified sustainable;
  • 25% of consumers already have moved their purchases, the next 25 – 40% is in play;
  • Approximately $500b will move from non-certified to certified companies in 2024;
  • 75% of Gen X and Z view sustainability as more important than your brand name;
  • Sustainability is the #1 thing consumers are using to evaluate you on the internet before deciding yes/no. Those decisions are being made right now, without your involvement;
  • If you are bidding jobs and your offer is consistent on price/quality, the client will be obligated to select you;
  • Your corporate clients are moving to vendors that are certified;
  • Your hiring and retention of employees will be less costly;
  • Governments are tightening regulations requiring it;
  • Cost of money (both debt and equity) is lower;
  • Finding money (both debt and equity) is easier;
  • 99% of certified sustainable companies are enjoying lower costs;
  • Margins are better because you can charge more in combination with your lower costs.

So, when you look back on your work today, did you deliver more than the above for you, your company, your children and your community?

If not, read this on what you want in a sustainability program, watch this master class, and contact us.