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Sustainability is Good for Business

Per this article, the Corporate Knights Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations have outperformed their non-sustainable peers: - 19% since 2005 - 22% since Covid (spring 2020) If you want to make more money, and don't mind doing something good while making that money, becoming a certified sustainable company might be worth considering.  

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com-ESCO to Pursue Sustainability Certification via Edenark Group ISO 14001 Program

Com-ESCO™ (http://www.com-esco.com/ ), a South Florida-based, licensed and insured general contractor and commercial Energy Services Company, and parent of Sustainable Performance Solutions (https://www.susperfsol.com/), Sea Coast Window & Door ( http://seacoastwindow.com/ ), Professional Window & Door (https://prowinfl.com/), and National Aluminum Fabricators, has decided to pursue the Edenark Group ISO 14001 environmental sustainability certification. The Edenark Group [...]

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Pick the Right Sustainability Program

When your organization decides it wants to consider becoming sustainable, follow this guide.  You will be happy with the results. https://www.unsustainablemagazine.com/how-to-select-the-right-sustainability-certification-program-for-your-organization/

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SUSTAINABILITY CERTIFICATION > COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION > FASTER GROWTH/PROFIT   Early in 2020, a Stern/NYU study showed brands that consumers believed to be sustainable were growing 5.6x faster than their non-certified competitive peers.   That was pre-virus.   In late 2021, Stern/NYU updated the study, including the impact of the virus on consumer decisions.   Sustainable [...]

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Why Your Company Should Consider the Best You Can Be Program

You are losing $7,000 - $12,000 per year, per full time employee, to the Big 5 - employee insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical pain and mental acuity.  On average, that equates to 5% of GDP. You can easily address this. https://secureservercdn.net/

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Influence of ESG on Private Debt Pricing

Per this article in Private Equity News, ESG is now included in most debt financing deals. The inclusion of ESG in private loan documents is designed to incentivize companies to improve. The "ESG margin ratchet" is now commonplace in debt deals and provides for tiered pricing that goes up or down, depending on the borrower [...]

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Encompass Trading (PTY) Ltd Will Pursue Edenark Group ISO 14001

Per this release, Encompass Trading (PTY) Ltd states that it will pursue sustainability certification, carbon neutrality and ESG compliance via the Edenark Group ISO 14001 program. Release narrative: Encompass Trading (PTY) Ltd (https://www.etpro.co.za/  ), of Pretoria, South Africa, manufacturers and supplies an extensive range of high quality cleaning detergents and hygiene products; and provides comprehensive [...]

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Sustainability / ESG – It’s Always Been About People!

One of the big discussion points during COP26 was the recognition that people, inclusive of mental health and performance, must be part of an organization's sustainability program. Current ESG articles underscore "why the human element matters more than ever" and talk about how managing the health and happiness of employees is critical to organizational health [...]

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