ExpandOS Will Pursue Sustainability Certification, Carbon Neutrality and ESG Compliance

Transformation Packaging LLC (TPL) of Hebron, OH, makes ExpandOS (https://expandos.com/), a sustainably sourced, paper-based protective packaging material that replaces bubble cushioning and foam.  Gulfstream Aerospace, Cummins Diesel, Epson, and many other companies in automotive, ceramics, glass, and tableware industries have turned away from single-use plastics and adopted ExpandOS to protect their valuable products during shipment.  [...]

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Sustainability Certification is a Powerful, and Financially Beneficial, Competitive Differentiation Tool for SMEs

As reported in a study by the Symbola Foundation, an environmental sustainability certification brings benefits in operations, financial performance, customer relations, vendor relations, community relations and government relations. Reviewing certified SMEs versus non-certified, it reported that environmentally certified sustainable SMEs grew 20x their non-certified peers.  This included a +75% revenue growth differential for certified sustainable [...]

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World Environment Day Question – What are your obligations to Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is a tropical island nation in the South Pacific.  They have declared a climate emergency due to the impact of global warming – fearing rising sea levels and severe weather will destroy the nation.   First question – Are the polluting countries of the world responsible? Per this article, the United Nations General Assembly [...]

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In Search of Sunrise – Episode 3

Edenark Group has a relationship with OneBlueOcean and the CEOs of the two companies are friends. OneBlueOcean is pursuing a noble cause and is doing wonderful work.  If you have a passion for our oceans, they are an organization you should know. We occasionally share some of the videos produced by OneBlueOcean. Here is Episode [...]

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Human v Natural Influences – Impact on Global Temperature

Based on a World Bank study discussed here, over the past 150 years, natural influences on global temperature have remained consistently between -0.5° and +0.5°F.  In effect, a few years up and a few years down, but never varying much.  The human influence had an even smaller variation, -0.2° and +0.2°F, through the 1920s.  From [...]

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3 Revolutions Currently In Play – Video of FutureTense talk by Gerd Leonhard

No matter what side of the aisle you sit, this video talk by Gerd Leonhard should be worth your time. Here are a few of the points made: There are 3 Revolutions in play Digital / AI Sustainability / Climate – 100x of digital/AI Purpose (people, planet, prosperity, purpose) In short, Leonhard believes our climate [...]

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Video Testimonial on Positive ROI from Edenark Group ISO 14001 Program

We, at Edenark Group, do a terrible job of explaining some of the components of our service.  Often, our clients do a better job. This video has one of our partners asking for an update from one of our new clients.  She explains that, immediately after she signed up, and before we start the certification [...]

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Study – 58% of SMEs are Checking Vendor/Partner Sustainability Certification

The Age of Sustainability Certification Confirmation Has Begun   Question:  If your company is not environmentally certified sustainable and you are competing against a company that is, besides slashing your price/margin, how do you plan to compete, given the below?   Per this article, a study of +1,000 small to mid-sized businesses found that prior [...]

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Carbon Credits – Think of your first bike’s training wheels

Per this article, carbon credits face scrutiny as a corporate path to carbon neutrality and Net Zero. The article states that many companies are trying to buy their way to credibility, by using carbon credits to enhance their reputation, rather than using the credits as part of a sustainability plan. We completely agree and will [...]

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