STORM MOTORS Will Pursue Sustainability Certification, Carbon Neutrality and ESG Compliance

STORM MOTORS, a subsidiary of STORM PROJECTS S/B Research Labs, and the designer/manufacturer of PowerFuel ( ), a high efficiency combustion, low emission, fuel optimization system; with global operations in Germany, Singapore, the United States and Malaysia; has decided to pursue the Edenark Group ISO 14001 environmental sustainability certification program. The Edenark Group ISO 14001 [...]

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Global Partnership Formed to Help Students Intern for Sustainability Careers

Edenark Group, which offers the world’s top environmental sustainability certification  program, and Sustainable Green Environment Initiative, whose initiative is to reach and train young people on climate change restoration, mitigation and adaption through sustainability, have formed a partnership. Among the services provided, Edenark Group will offer internships and training opportunity to Sustainable Green Environment Initiative [...]

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Is Sustainability Certification Table Stakes for Your Business?

Has sustainability certification become table stakes for your business?  If you are selling to larger companies, the answer is - probably so. This GreenBiz article, titled "Carrot, stick, or scissors:  Is it time to leave suppliers behind?" makes these points: "Pressure is increasing for (large) companies to start to seriously act on reducing carbon emissions [...]

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Rise in Environmental Transparency – How will SMEs Respond?

Large resellers are becoming more demanding of their suppliers to prove their sustainability status. CDP, the environmental non-profit, reported a 24% increase in the number of companies asking their suppliers to report their environmental data. If you are a SME, how are you preparing for this? Are you hoping the call won't come; or are [...]

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Three Sustainable Business Practice Reminders

Per this article in Entrepreneur magazine, here are three environmentally sustainable business practice reminders   Reputation – Being environmentally sustainable is admired and builds trust with consumers and others in the business community; doors will open, consumers will seek you out, and your brand’s reputation will be enhanced   No Greenwashing - Do what you [...]

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How will you prove you are a certified sustainable business?

88% of consumers want you, a company selling them products/services, to help them make a difference, by being more environmentally friendly. This is consistent with other studies that show that 87% of the largest buying group (Under 40 Consumer) and 71% of ALL consumers, will move their business to a certified sustainable company. This is [...]

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How you, as a business leader, can turn ESG into a competitive edge

Per this Forbes article, top performers on ESG topics are rewarded with valuation multiples 3% to 19% higher than median performers. (Both are dramatically higher than companies without an ESG program.) Further, the article stresses that to become a top performer and enjoy the higher multiples, a company needs to capture four essential mindset shifts.      [...]

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5 Reasons Your Sustainability Program is Not Creating Enough Impact

Given the demand of consumers, employees, investors, clients and government regulators, many companies are jumping on the “Let’s Say We are Sustainable” bandwagon…..then becoming frustrated they are not seeing the benefits they are hearing others are receiving. This article lists five reasons your sustainability program is not generating impact: Your report is annual – The [...]

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Sustainability Certification is a Powerful, and Financially Beneficial, Competitive Differentiation Tool for SMEs

As reported in a study by the Symbola Foundation, an environmental sustainability certification brings benefits in operations, financial performance, customer relations, vendor relations, community relations and government relations. Reviewing certified SMEs versus non-certified, it reported that environmentally certified sustainable SMEs grew 20x their non-certified peers.  This included a +75% revenue growth differential for certified sustainable [...]

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Carbon Credits – Think of your first bike’s training wheels

Per this article, carbon credits face scrutiny as a corporate path to carbon neutrality and Net Zero. The article states that many companies are trying to buy their way to credibility, by using carbon credits to enhance their reputation, rather than using the credits as part of a sustainability plan. We completely agree and will [...]

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