5 Reasons Your Sustainability Program is Not Creating Enough Impact

Given the demand of consumers, employees, investors, clients and government regulators, many companies are jumping on the “Let’s Say We are Sustainable” bandwagon…..then becoming frustrated they are not seeing the benefits they are hearing others are receiving. This article lists five reasons your sustainability program is not generating impact: Your report is annual – The [...]

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Is your company part of the global majority?

Per this article a KPMG survey shows that 75% of companies surveyed do not believe they are prepared for the upcoming sustainability reporting requirements that countries are putting in place. Is your company part of that majority? What’s the plan?  Are you going to cover your eyes and ignore the pending rules? Would you like [...]

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Legal Action over the Environment

Per this article, the California Attorney General filed a lawsuit against five of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, as well as the American Petroleum Institute, alleging they misled consumers about the impact of fossil fuels on climate change and the planet.   Taking the point further, this article talks about 16 Montana young [...]

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AKFI Podcast on the Value of Sustainability Certification for Your Company

The Actionable Knowledge Foundational Institute (AKFI) interviewed David Goodman, CEO of Edenark Group, in this podcast, and discussed the following What are the sustainability certification trends? What to look for in a sustainability program for your company. This master class was offered. The value of a sustainability certification and 3rd party audit, to avoid penalties [...]

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Your Company’s Sustainability Journey: Just take that first step

In everything we do, that first step is hard! This article does a great job of explaining corporate sustainability and the fact that it is faaaaaaaar broader than simply being green.  The article talks about the definition of sustainability and talks about the different industry phrases, such as ESG (ie Environment, Social and Governance) and [...]

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Harvard Business Review – “Companies should prepare now.”

We are transitioning to where sustainability is a baseline requirement for purchase.   Per this Harvard Business Review article, there are three things for you to consider   Trust drives behavior and ultimately business outcomes – Highly trusted companies outperform others by up to 400%   Sustainability promotes trust, particularly among younger generations – sustainability [...]

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Are Your Advisors Sustainability/ESG Leaders or Followers?

This article asks if your board is an ESG leader or follower? As most privately owned companies do not have a board of directors, let’s broaden the statement to say... -“Are those that you turn for advice knowledgeable on sustainability/ESG, and capable of providing you with sound guidance?” We know: Consumers, B2C clients, workers, governments, [...]

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California Senate passes carbon emissions bill

As a follow up to our post of a few days ago, per this article, California has passed Senate Bill 253 and it is not headed for Governor Newsom’s desk.  As this article states, if Newsom approves, California will usher in a new era of corporate transparency at a time when sustainability and carbon emissions [...]

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Per a SAP Global Study, Customer Demand for Sustainability Commitment from Companies has Increased 7x in just the past Year!

Per this article, a SAP survey of 6,669 business leaders across 29 industries and 40 countries report   Businesses are seeing the link between planet, profit and competitiveness   +60% of business leaders recognize that sustainability has a moderate/strong effect on their long-term competitiveness and profitability   Customer demand that businesses show they are sustainable [...]

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What’s Good for the Planet is Good for Your Business – 7x Good!

Consistent with dozens upon dozens of other studies, an EY Study reports that companies that act on climate change are enjoying higher revenue growth and earnings.  Some of the key findings:   Value of opportunity for businesses due to their sustainability effort (US$2.1t) is 7x the cost (US$311b). Let’s say that again – Besides helping [...]

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