1. It is the right thing to do
Your company, stakeholders, community, environment, and future generations will thank you for it.

2. The world is demanding it
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3. Overall performance improves
Per a study by BAR, Certified Sustainable companies enjoy +24.6% Net Income and +11% EBITDA gains.  Costs go down; brand image, revenues, margins, profit and valuation go up; and employee health and performance go up.  Data shows there is nothing a business can do,that will have a bigger positive impact on combined increased revenues, lower costs, improved employee performance, enhanced brand image, profitability and valuation, than to become a certified sustainable business.

4. Growth
Per NYU/Stern, sustainable brands are growing 5.6x faster than their non-sustainable peers.  Researchers believe the gap between certified sustainable brands and their non-certified competitors will expand, as the global community continues to seek, and reward, certified sustainable organizations. 

5. Outperform competition
Per A. T. Kearney, sustainable companies outperform their peers by +15%.

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6. Margin
Per Nielsen, a certified sustainable company, enjoys a 5% YOY price increase.  Its non-sustainable competitors grow prices 1% YOY. If you are not a certified sustainable company, and enjoying the promotional benefits of same, you are sacrificing margin every year.

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7. Competitive differentiation
Per MIT / Boston Consulting Group, the biggest challenge to your organization is competitive differentiation.  Per Nielsen, sustainability certification is the top competitive differentiator, as +80% of consumers want to buy from a company that is certified sustainable.

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8. New consumers
There is +$1 Trillion (and growing) in consumer/corporate spending, looking to move to certified sustainable companies.  This is fertile ground for certified sustainable organizations to grow market share.  Further, this business will be lost by non-certified sustainable organizations once the buyer finds a certified sustainable alternative.

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9. Employee performance improves
Morale, production, empathy, mood, health improve.

10. Attract/retain staff
Per many studies, certified sustainable organizations can attract and retain quality employees better than their non-certified peers.

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