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We deliver the world’s premier sustainability certification program. Our standard, which satisfies all points discussed in the Why Become Certified Sustainable section of this website, has been used by over 350,000 organizations, in over 170 countries. It is the world’s Gold standard and no other program is close.

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SME Design

Our program is uniquely designed for SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises).  We serve organizations between $1 – $1 billion in annual revenues. Our process is streamlined to reduce the time and cost.  We only have six forms.


The only type of organization we cannot certify is a home-based entity.  We can certify you if you are a tenant. We can certify you if you are a non-profit.  We can certify you if you only have one employee. We want every (non-home-based) organization in the world to benefit from doing the right thing and having the market reward you for same.

Maximum ROI via Promotion

The rest of the world sees sustainability as a three-legged stool – People, Planet and Profit.  The leadership of Edenark Group has experience in advertising and marketing (winning multiple advertising awards) and strongly believes you need a fourth leg of the stool – People, Planet, Promotion and Profit – to gain the maximum ROI from being a market-leading certified sustainable organization.   If you don’t talk about it, nobody will know. So, a unique, and key, part of what we do is to focus on the promotion of the certification and to help you show you have pursued and achieved the world’s premier sustainability certification. This is what differentiates you from the competition and drives your sales and revenue growth. 

Employee Performance

We believe if you Green Up a business or building and do not address the people, you are not fully delivering a sustainability program.  Our platform includes the Best You Can Be (“Best”) employee performance enhancement service that is available to you. The Best program can address individual insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical pain, mental acuity, depression, focus, speed of work flow; generating a positive impact on employee performance, health, safety, and inter-office relationships.  It is not required for certification, but is available to you, and will help improve your working environment and should reduce your medical costs.


We not only offer the best program on the planet, but we deliver it at roughly 5% of other (lesser) standards. Our program is designed and priced for SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises). The impact in cost and time to you is minimal and affordable.

Installation Support

Should you wish a single contact for both the certification and the installation project management of any energy reduction products you approve, we can provide that broader service.  PACE Advisor, sister company to Edenark Group, has served as project manager on +1,000 construction projects and can be your project manager.

Learn how the world’s premier sustainability certification program can help grow your organization.

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