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Sustainability Certification – Use it to Differentiate

We appreciate Construction Executive Magazine publishing the below article on how SMEs can use sustainability certification to differentiate, recover, and grow faster than their competitors.

Survival and success in the post Covid-19 ramp up will depend on an organization’s ability to cost-effectively differentiate from it’s competitors.  Sustainability certification is currently the best tool on the planet to do this.


September 6th, 2020|

How will you prove you are a certified sustainable business?

88% of consumers want you, a company selling them products/services, to help them make a difference, by being more environmentally friendly.

This is consistent with other studies that show that 87% of the largest buying group (Under 40 Consumer) and 71% of ALL consumers, will move their business to a certified sustainable company. This is +1$ Trillion in consumer purchases looking to move from current providers.

How will you prove you are a certified sustainable business?

September 2nd, 2020|

Why Use Edenark Group’s Best You Can Be Program

Did you know you are losing $7,000 – $12,000 per employee, each year, due to the Big 5 – insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical pain and mental acuity?

If you want to improve employee performance, health and happiness…

If you want your team to operate better…

If you want to improve overall productivity…

Consider the Best You Can Be program –

September 2nd, 2020|

Why use Edenark Group’s PACE Advisor program?

If an organization is facing Capital Improvements to its building, and:

– It does not want to use its cash;

– It’s leadership does not want to personally guarantee;

– It does not want to corporately guarantee;

– It does not want to impact its debt/equity ratio;

– It does not wish to add debt;

– It wants to maximize the ROI of the project;

– It wants to use Green products.

It should consider PACE Advisor.



September 1st, 2020|

Why Edenark Group?

If an organization wishes to

– improve its competitive differentiation;

– improve sales / revenues / new business / new markets;

– reduce costs;

– improve margin / profits / valuation;

– improve employee performance / health / happiness;

– improve brand image;

– or, just do the Right Thing….

…why should they consider Edenark Group?

We give 7 reasons –


August 31st, 2020|
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Use Sustainability Certification to make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line, your employees, your community and the environment.

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