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September 13th, 2023|

Bank of England – “Firms Ignoring Climate Crisis Will Go Bankrupt”

Per this article, Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of England, makes these predictions:


  • Companies and industries that are not moving towards zero-carbon emissions will be punished by investors and go bankrupt – “Companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt without question”


  • There will be industries, sectors and firms that do very well during this process because they will be part of the solution…..but there will also be ones that lag behind and they will be punished


  • The transition to Net Zero will change the value of every asset (ie, business)


  • However….great fortunes could be made by those working to end greenhouse gas emissions


In business, opportunity exists for those who see a trend and are early to adjust to it.  This is an opportunity to do the right thing and be rewarded for it now and later.  Watch this master class and contact us.

September 12th, 2023|

The Next 50 Days – Climate Disclosure Mandates in California and the United States

The next 50 days will be very interesting for climate bills in both California and the US. 

Per this article, in California, voting will need to occur this week (by 14 September 2023) for SB 253 (“The Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act”) and SB 261 (which adds a requirement to post climate risks on your company’s website).  If they pass, they go to the desk of Governor Newsom, with yes/no on signature by mid-October.

These two bills mirror the new rule expected out of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, also due in October.

Per the author of the attached article, many companies believe climate laws are inevitable in the US, as it needs to have a program that can match up with other global programs, such as those in the EU.

If your company would like to get ahead of this and use it to your brand’s benefit, watch this master class and contact us.

September 11th, 2023|

Are you Burnt Out with being Burnt Up?

Per this article, this summer was the hottest on record

  • June was the hottest June
  • July was the hottest July
  • August was the hottest August

All told, Summer 2023 in the Northern Hemisphere beat the prior record by 0.3 degrees Celsius.  For those of you who either remember or have watched the video, this is a beat down like what Secretariat did to the field in the Belmont Stakes.

If you look at the chart, 2023 is “all alone” up there at the top….and, unlike Secretariat, this is not a good thing.

If you don’t like being burnt out with being burnt up, watch this master class and contact us.

September 7th, 2023|

The Growing Role of Sustainability in Small Business Marketing

How much do you spend on all your advertising and marketing?

How are you differentiating your business from your peers in those ads, your website and your marketing brochures?

Are your points of difference what consumers are looking for?

Are you getting your money’s worth out of those ads by connecting with your audience?

Are you enjoying a positive ROi from your advertising, like this organization?


Per this article, titled “The growing role of sustainability in small business marketing”, the following points are made:


  • 81% of respondents across all generations, genders and backgrounds, want you to show them you are helping improve the environment


                Is your advertising speaking to this 81% or to the other 19%?


  • 81% expect to buy more from environmentally friendly organizations over the next five years


Are you targeting this 81% or to the other 19%?


  • 66% of prospective employees will not consider working for a company that does not have strong social values


               Are you looking for employees from the full pool of talent or just the 34% that does not care?


  • 83% of employees will be more loyal to a company making positive environmental/social impact


               After you spend the money to hire/train, are you looking to keep all of them, or just the 17%?


Besides providing a talking point that will make your advertising more effective, the article goes on to explain that companies with a strong environmental, social and governance program are enjoying

  • Top line growth (Unilever says their sustainability studies show a +20% gain)
  • Cost reduction (McKinsey says it will impact your operating profits up to 60%)
  • Reduced regulatory and legal intervention (impacting 25 – 60% of your profits)
  • Employee productivity (translating to higher organizational performance)
  • Investment and asset optimization (more efficient and effective use of the money you reinvest)

              Is your company enjoying these benefits…while also doing the right thing for the environment?


If not, watch this master class and contact us.

September 7th, 2023|

Climate litigation has more than doubled in five years

Per this article, there were 2,180 climate change lawsuits in 2022, a 250% increase since 2017.

The number is expected to grow dramatically, as 1) more countries establish climate laws, allowing easier qualification of expectations; combined with 2) the ever-expanding precedent that comes with more cases.  In other words, current suits will form the foundation for future suits.

If you want to talk about being sustainable, as you want the financial benefit of doing so, but don’t want to risk being called out for greenwashing, do it the right way – become certified via a globally recognized standard. 

Watch this master class and contact us.

September 6th, 2023|

Is your company pursuing purpose-built sustainability?

Per a study by IDC, corporate spending on purpose-built sustainability services (ie, ESG) will increase from $37.7 billion in 2023 to $65 billion in 2027, an annual growth rate of 15%.

Given the political pressure from the far right to kill these programs, the fact that they are expected to nearly double in four years suggests…..wait for it…..they are profitable.

If your company wants to consider sustainability but does not know where to start, watch this master class, then contact us.

September 5th, 2023|

Happiness@Work Podcast

Alex Bratty asked our CEO, David Goodman, to talk about the Edenark Group ISO 14001 environmental sustainability certification program in Episode #61.  This is the world’s best overall program for organizations looking to differentiate from their peers, lower costs, improve brand image, revenues and profits….and enhance employee health, happiness and performance.…while also doing the right thing for the environment, all current and future stakeholders and the community they serve.

This is a masterclass on what to look for in a sustainability program.

This is our A Better World Starts With Me program that helps your employees become happier, healthier and more productive.

This is our Gym For The Brain program.  Here is a testimonial.

Here are our Best You Can Be products.

If you want to have happier, healthier, more productive employees; make more money; and do the right thing for the environment, contact us.

September 1st, 2023|

Are You Giving Your Customers What They Want?

9 out of 10 consumers want your business to be environmentally certified sustainable.

7 out of 10 will shift their purchases and loyalty if they find a certified sustainable company.

That’s +$2 Trillion in low hanging fruit for those that want to take market share.  Is there anything your company is currently spending money on that 7 out of 10 of your competitor’s clients will move to you for?

Per Google, searches for certified sustainable companies are up 800%.  So, they are looking.

They are finding them too – +25% of consumers have already moved loyalty to certified sustainable companies, 20 – 43% is currently in play; and because of this, certified sustainable companies are growing 75% – 20x faster than their non-certified peers.

Over +300,000 companies across the world have chosen to do the right thing for the environment and to be seen by the marketplace as a leader.

If this might be of interest, watch this master class then contact us.

You will be doing the right thing….and good things will happen!

Edenark Group 


August 31st, 2023|

NASA’s 1880 – 2022 ‘Climate Spiral’

We like to show NASA’s ‘Climate Spiral a couple of times a year.

Most of us are not smart enough to work at NASA, but all of us are smart enough to understand the direction this shows us heading.

Your company, no matter how small, can decide to do nothing, or do something.

Certified sustainable companies make more money.

Companies choosing to become certified sustainable are not only helping future generations, but also helping their current stakeholders – owners, management, employees, clients, vendors, community.

If you think you might want to make more money while also helping to do some good, watch this master class then contact us.

August 30th, 2023|

Use Sustainability Certification to make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line, your employees, your community and the environment.

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