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Covid-19 Will Drive SMEs to become Certified Sustainable

Wayne Canner, Executive Publisher of Palm Beach North Sports, was very kind to publish this Edenark Group article on page 27 of the February 2021 edition of Abacoa & Alton Neighbors –

Competitive differentiation (standing out from your peers) is the biggest issue all companies face.

SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises – under 500 employees or $1B) are more sales-centric than their bigger brothers (+$1B / +500 employees), who have large advertising and marketing budgets that can create brand imagery.

But, SMEs have a problem.  The internet, made worse by Covid-19, is allowing consumers to investigate your business before you have the chance to press-the-flesh.

They are deciding yes/no based on their online review of whether you meet their needs.

87% of all consumers want your company to be certified sustainable.  This is a top competitive differentiation variable and is allowing some SMEs to dramatically stand out and grow faster than their peers.

February 17th, 2021|

Edenark Group Becomes Entrex Carbon Market Member

Edenark Group is approved by the SEC to become a member of the Entrex Carbon Market.

“We are excited to become a member of the Entrex Carbon Market.  For organizations who want to become carbon neutral, and also want the comfort and assurance they are getting legitimate SEC / UN / Worldbank / ISO registered and securitized offsets, eliminating the risks that illicit offsets present in today’s market, we provide the solution,” said David Goodman, Edenark Group CEO.  “For our existing and future clients, we can deliver securitized offsets at better pricing than non-securitized offsets are being offered at.  This protects our clients and allows organizations that had always wanted to become carbon neutral, but were fearful of the legitimacy of the non-securitized offerings, a far better option.”

February 16th, 2021|

Tying Cost of Money to Sustainability Performance

Moody’s forecasts 2020 Sustainability Bond issuance to be $325B – $375B.

This is where your ability to quantify sustainability performance impacts your receipt of, and cost of, financing.

For years, certified sustainable companies have been able to access financing at lower rates. But the pandemic has accelerated the formality of the relationship between being sustainable and gaining access to, and paying less for, funding.–PBC_1241741

February 16th, 2021|




Early in 2020, a Stern/NYU study showed certified sustainable brands growing 5.6x faster than their non-certified competitive peers.


That was pre-virus.


Later in 2020, Stern/NYU updated the study to account for the virus.


Certified sustainable brands have widened the gap.  They are now growing 7.1x faster than their non-certified sustainable peers.


Per Forbes, 88% of consumers want you, the companies that supply their products/services, to help them make a difference by being sustainable, but only 28% of them believe you are doing so.


For the companies that have responded to this consumer request, and become certified sustainable, the market has obviously responded (7.1x faster growth).


February 15th, 2021|
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