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Is your company ready for DPPs (Digital Product Passports)?

DPPs (Digital Product Passports) provide comprehensive product data across the value chain.  Similar to an ingredient label on a food product, the DPP will show, to regulators and consumers, the entire supply chain performance on things like environmental sustainability, compliance, traceability, et cetera.

The EU will require DPPs starting in 2027.  That means, organizations have 30 months to get their supply chains ‘ready to be seen for what they are.’

North America, Asia Pacific and other regions will follow, starting with luxury and big-brands, then expanding to mass market.

Per this article, it is estimated that +62 billion DPPs will be issued in 2030, in just the apparel industry.

High-impact sectors like batteries, vehicles, textiles, electronics, furniture, plastics, construction and chemicals have been leading the adoption, but all industries know this is coming.

Given that the environment is the #1 issue on the minds of consumers, forward-thinking brands are leading the implementation of DPPs.  They know regulations are coming and they need to get their supply chains (ie, either you or your competitor) in line.  They do not want their brand’s poor environmental sustainability supply chain performance made public. 

This ties back to our repeated posts about how important, AND PUBLICALLY-EXPOSED, an organization’s vendors (who are part of its Scope 3 obligations) have become.  An organization can no longer ignore its own environmental sustainability obligations or the lack of environmental sustainability commitment from its vendors.

Will your company ignore this until you are forced to act; or do you see the opportunity to lead and take market share?

If you wish to use this to your advantage, read this on what you want in a sustainability program, watch this master class, and contact us.

July 8th, 2024|

Have you thought about what more oxygen could do for you?


“All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level,” Dr. Arthur C. Guyton

“Not enough oxygen to the brain is the main cause of memory loss,” Dr. Mark Sircus

“Disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to an accumulation of toxins,” Dr. Albert Wahl

“In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state,” Dr. Stephen Levine, Medical Biologist

“Biologically, its lack of oxygen that signals cells that it is their time to go,” Dr. David Sinclair



“Oxygen is the answer to just about everything. With enough oxygen, one can heal from just about anything,” Dr. Mark Sircus

“The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease,” Gary Brecka, 10x Health

“Exercise with Contrast Oxygen Therapy (ie, the Gym For The Brain program) can be dramatically helpful in reversing Alzheimer’s,” Dr. Heather Sandison

“There is a direct relationship between oxygen and vitality. When oxygen levels are increased, waste gases and toxins are removed and cells begin to function better,” Dr. Bruce West

“Oxygen Therapy is the most dramatic single thing you can do to prevent disease and restore health,” Dr. Mark Sircus

“Contrast oxygen therapy prompts your body to ask for oxygen, which it then uses when given,” David Goodman, Gym For The Brain



Mental clarity Focus and processing
Decreases inflammation Removes toxins
Improves circulation Improves memory
Promotes anti-aging Improves sleep
Destroys harmful viruses Reduces pain
Helps prevent infection Bone regeneration
Relieves stress Reduces swelling
Improves mood Reduces anxiety
Stimulates immune system Weight reduction
Stem cell growth Increased energy



Endurance:  Increases 32-67%

Short-term memory:  Increases 19-23%

Recovery time:  Reduced by 27%

Power:  Increased 8-14%

Lactic acid:  Reduced 34-60%

Reaction time:  Reduced 12-18%


Gym For The Brain offers the best oxygen therapy program available.

All our products and supplements are shown at A Better World Starts With Me

Contact Edenark Group if you would like information about setting up an oxygen gym for your company or family.

July 4th, 2024|

Looking to Reverse or Delay Alzheimer’s? – Try Contrast Oxygen Therapy

It is wonderful to see articles like this one that are beginning to recognize contrast oxygen therapy as a powerful tool to reverse Alzheimer’s.

We use contrast oxygen therapy (also called high-altitude EWOT) at our Gym For The Brain facility and have seen the Alzheimer’s reduction results in our clients.

We sell and support contrast oxygen via our A Better World Starts With Me store.

July 3rd, 2024|

Would you consider a Planet-first Diet if it reduces your risk of early death by 30%?

Besides being less expensive for you, and materially less damaging to the planet, a planet-first (reduced meat and dairy) diet will reduce your risk of an early death by 30%. 

It will also improve your energy and strength.

This CNN article and video gives a short (but not satisfactory) overview.

For a far deeper analysis, if you have not seen it, take the time to watch The Game Changers on Netflix.  We play it for our clients who are doing sessions at Gym For The Brain.  It is well worth your time and might be a game changer for you.  Many of our clients have already gone ‘all in’ with a plant-based diet and are very happy with how their bodies have responded.

July 2nd, 2024|

Wellness Magazine Supports Best You Can Be Supplement Line

We have always appreciated the support we have received from Wellness Magazine.

A year ago, the magazine determined our Best You Can Be supplements to be the best.

As part of this recent article, the magazine again supports our brand.

There has been no renumeration of any kind from us to them.  Their support has not been purchased.

The Best You Can Be supplement line can be found at our Gym For The Brain facility and via our A Better World Starts With Me store.

July 1st, 2024|

The Rising Tide of Environmental Class Actions

This article focuses on Canada, but explains that environmental class actions are on the rise everywhere. 

If you are talking about your environmental actions, or if your business is negatively impacting the environment materially, you are at risk.


We recommend all company leaders review this post, watch this podcast on greenwashing, read this on what you want in a sustainability program, watch this master class, and contact us.

June 27th, 2024|

Big Legal News in Corporate Sustainability

Per this article, many legal developments are in play around the world.


Greenwashing in Canada – Canada’s parliament has passed legislation (Bill C-59) that will require companies to prove the credibility of any environmental claims they make.  It will require the company to provide “adequate and proper substantiation in accordance with an internationally recognized methodology” and the claims should be “based on an adequate and proper test.”

  • Does the above sound familiar? For some time we have been advising companies that any claims not tied to a globally-recognized program that includes 3rd party verification put the company at risk.


Due Diligence in France – The Paris Court of Appeal ruled that cases against TotalEnergies and EDF could proceed.  These cases say the companies did not monitor and mitigate the human rights and environmental impact of their business activities AND supply chains.

  • Remember the ‘supply chain’ component of this. You will see more supply chain vendors pulled into environmental disputes where the initial lawsuit is against the big client company; but is expanded to include the vendor for not having a sustainability program and not protecting the environment.


Shareholder Proposals in the US – A US judge dismissed a case brought by Exxon against a shareholder group that is attempting to get Exxon to be more proactive regarding its Scope 3 emissions (ie, remember, Scope 3 includes you, the vendor).  The Judge dismissed the suit due to the shareholder group not being American (the group is Dutch).

  • You will see more and more of this. Environmental shareholder groups will form in obscure areas (such as South Pacific island countries fearing rising sea levels) to avoid defensive actions by the companies they are trying to influence.


Scope 3 Emissions in the UK – The UK Supreme Court ruled that local authorities must consider Scope 3 emissions of projects when deciding to permit them.

  • Let this one soak in. Going forward, any entity seeking a business permit in the UK will face scrutiny over how it is going to manage its Scope 3 emissions (which, again, includes you, its vendor).  Think of the opportunity this presents for vendors who are environmentally certified sustainable in helping prospects/clients secure permits for expansion.


Overall Trend  – The world is rapidly advancing environmental compliance programs and the penalties for non-compliance.

  • If your company has self-certified its sustainability efforts, we strongly recommend halting all claims until you have become certified under a globally-respected program with 3rd party verification.
  • If your company has no formalized/verified sustainability program, re-read the above statements on Scope 3. Even if you choose to not make any sustainability claims and hide under a rock, you will not avoid what is coming.  The less prepared you are, the greater risk you carry.


If you wish to use this to your advantage, read this on what you want in a sustainability program, watch this master class, and contact us.


June 26th, 2024|

Have you considered becoming a referral partner?

Due to studies, the #1 issue on the minds of people around the world is the environment (ie, we are using our resources faster than Mother Earth can replenish and we are accelerating our carbon-emissions-driven global warming).  The world we are passing to our children will be far hotter and angrier than the world we were given.  This is a bigger concern to the people of the planet than war, economy, politics, et cetera.

Turning this sentiment to the market place, consumers are more interested in a company’s ability to prove its sustainability commitment than they are in its brand names.  7 out of 10 of them will change brands if they find a certified sustainable company that offers a similar product.  They will even spend more for a certified sustainable product.

Driven by the above demand, certified sustainable companies are growing up to 20x faster than their non-certified peers – the market is rewarding companies that are able to prove they are sustainable (via certification/validation).

The Edenark Group ISO 14001 environmental sustainability certification program is the premier program of its kind in the world – You get to help the planet and differentiate and grow faster than your peers.

We have a 100% client renewal rate – every client we have ever certified has renewed, every year.

We get most of our new clients from referrals from existing clients.

However, we also get a good number of clients from referral partners who like what we do and introduce us to organizations they feel would benefit from our services.

This defines what we believe a sustainability program should contain. 

This master class explains why a company would want to do this.

We are looking for organizations that 1) care about the environment; 2) want to be part of the solution; and 3) want to be an example that other organizations can follow.

If you agree with our mission and our definition of what a sustainability program should be; and if you know some organizations that meet the above requirements; you might want to consider becoming a referral partner.

Send us a note and we can discuss.  

June 24th, 2024|

What should an environmental sustainability program include?

Per this master class, there are 8 components of a sustainability program that will be successful and make you happy:


  • It MUST include Employee Performance / Health
    • Sustainability is not just about energy savings or ‘Greening Up’, it is about people
    • For most businesses, the employees are one of the biggest costs, one of the biggest risks (mistakes, insurance, law suits) and one of the biggest opportunities (new ideas, collaboration, product knowledge)
    • Every organization suffers from the Big 5 – insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical pain, mental acuity
    • You are losing 5% of your corporate profit/year to the Big 5
    • It takes a lot of LEDs to make up for one worker comp or workplace violence case
    • Make sure your program has a ‘people piece’ that addresses employee performance, health and happiness


  • It MUST certify the business not the box
    • People care about things that involve people
    • Most building (ie, ‘Box’) certifications only care about building energy
    • Building certifications are expensive and hard to market (poor ROI)
    • You want to say, “Buy more of my product because we are a certified sustainable business”
    • You do not get much value from, “Buy more of my product because we are in an energy efficient building”
    • You want the certification on your business, not the building your business is in


  • It MUST have a 3rd party audit component
    • Oversight delivers credibility and trust
    • From passing your driving test, to getting your college diploma, to passing a bar exam, we use 3rd parties to ensure compliance
    • There are many sustainability programs that deliver a certification based on your ‘word’…..and your payment
    • Don’t do it!
    • Make sure the program you choose uses a 3rd party to validate your work


  • It MUST follow a respected and integrated global standard
    • The sustainability industry is maturing and coalescing around few standards
    • The UN has created its SDGs (17 sustainability development goals)
    • 50% of the world’s economies require sustainability reporting
    • Greenwashing lawsuits are growing
    • Don’t pick a program that is not globally respected by, and integrated with, the world leadership groups; and that does not have the ability to integrate the other three legs of the stool – carbon neutrality, ESG and net zero
    • No reason to spend the time and money, then find you are not following the same programs and protocols that the leadership groups have adopted


  • It MUST include promotion of the certification
    • Historically, sustainability has been a cost-side play
    • Most programs and providers have been 100% trained and focused on cost-side measures – energy reduction, carbon reduction, waste reduction, water reduction, travel reduction (ie, engineering)
    • But we know consumers are searching for certified sustainable companies
    • If you don’t talk about being certified sustainable they will never know you are (ie, marketing)
    • You want a program provider that is built to do the cost-side work AND the revenue-side work; and helps you promote your certification


  • It MUST pursue continual improvement
    • Sustainability is not finite. It requires long-term commitment
    • But…change is hard for all of us
    • If the bar is set too high, we can get frustrated and give up
    • You want a program that lets you come as you are and allows you to continually improve
    • This will keep everyone happy and committed year after year


  • It MUST require annual updates
    • Current = credible
    • Sustainability is not finite; we need to continually improve
    • You don’t want a program that does not have a date attached to its certification
    • You want to continually improve, see your success, and annually update your certification to show you are current and credible in your actions


  • It MUST be at a price you can afford and produce a positive ROI
    • We could have started with cost but you need the above seven components at a price you can afford
    • It needs to show a positive and rapid ROI
    • The cost includes both money and time and covers everything – the certification, the 3rd party audit and your work to become certified


As stated, we deliver all eight components mentioned above to our clients.

We enjoy a 100% client renewal rate – every year, every client has a decision to make and every year, every client has renewed.

If you use a program that delivers all of the above, you will probably be happy too.

June 20th, 2024|

Use Sustainability Certification to make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line, your employees, your community and the environment.

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